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Trekking in Nepal

With eight of the top ten highest mountain summits in the world and some of the most beautiful landscapes, many of which are only reachable on foot, it is no wonder that Trekking is such a popular activity in Nepal. There are many options available in Nepal for people of any age and capabilities to enjoy a trek in the country, and travelers from many different backgrounds and fitness levels are able to safely enjoy a trek in Nepal.

Nepal’s combination of natural beauty and unique cultures reveal themselves to those who would enjoy a short or extended hike into its mountains. The Himalayas have isolated the mountain villages of Nepal for thousands of years, and even today the ruggedness of these mountains continues to insulate the people, customs, and religions of this unusual land. There are few roads extending into the Himalaya, and it is necessary to walk for days or even weeks to reach many destinations. For the adventure traveler seeking wild country, this lack of transportation is considered an advantage rather than an obstacle.

But Trekking is not a wilderness adventure. The mountains in Nepal have been inhabited for centuries. The routes through these hills have been well-traveled by Nepalese for many generations, and sharing the trails with the local people greatly enhances the journey. Trekking in Nepal is not usually wandering alone through the wilderness. The trek follows these established trails between villages, and you will not be alone; along the way, you will meet many locals each day as they haul food, water, and herd livestock to their tiny villages. The regularly-spaced villages and teahouses allow trekkers a good opportunity to rest and recover, either for a cup of tea, a full meal, or lodging for the night.

What sets trekking in Nepal apart from other journies around the world is the chance to meet the people who live in the mountains. Trekking is a cultural experience. The traveler is completely immersed in the culture and in touch with the people, environment, and wildlife. One of the joys of traveling is talking with the Nepalese people you will meet as you move through their homeland. Many of the local people you meet speak English and are happy to explain their culture and the natural history of the countryside.

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