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You may be conscious of it you may be unconcious of it, but still everything that you say, everything you do everthing that comes out of you is essentially an expression of who you are . So yoga, in that way is diametrically topposite of this, because it is not an expression of who you are, it's about determining as to who you are. It's about Determining to what you want to be changing the very fondamentals of ones existence.Today there us substantial medical and scientific evidence to show that the very fondamentals of the activity of your brain, your chemistry, even your geneticcontent can be changed by the practicing different systems of yoga.

Meditation is a phenomenal empowerment that you can do whatever is needed in the world, and still remain untouched by the process of activities that we need to conduct in the world. If you sit here, your body is here, your mind is there, who you are is little away.Once there is fear of suffering, knowingly or unknowingly, you will limit the scope and possibilites of the your life. Meditation means just this, in a very simple way if we have to put it, if you sit here, your body is here, your mind is there, who you are is little away from these two dimensions of physical body and mental accumutations. these two accumutations of body and mind, if a little space arises between you and this, this is the end of suffering and this is meditativeness.

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